Can a celebrity home add value to your property?

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Does living close to a celebrity’s home add value to your
own property?  Well, the answer
depends on the celebrity, according to a leading property expert.

The question has arisen after two of the Beatles’ childhood
homes were recently given Grade II listed status.  But can living near the home of a famous person help
you?  Keep reading to find out.

Beatles’ homes given
Grade II listed status

John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s childhood homes in
Liverpool are both managed by the National Trust.  They have recently been given Grade II listed status by the
tourism and heritage minister, John Penrose, on the advice of English Heritage.  This means they cannot be altered or
bulldozed without special permission.

20 Forthlin Road was the home of Paul McCartney from the age
of 13 to 22 and up to 100 Beatles songs were composed in the property.  John Lennon lived with his aunt Mimi at
the slightly grander Mendips, 251 Menlove Avenue in south Liverpool from the
age of 5 to 22. Lennon learned to play the guitar at the property and it is
where he rehearsed with their first band, The Quarrymen.

Lennon’s partner Yoko Ono said she was delighted with the
listing of the house. “Mendips always meant a great deal to John and it was
where his childhood dreams came true for himself and for the world.”  But does living near a celebrity home
help your house price?

Bad celebs can damage
house prices

A leading expert believes that house prices depend on the
celebrity.  Having the right celebrity
locally can help your neighbourhood, but bad neighbours can have a negative

Property expert Nicholas Leeming said: “An unpopular
celebrity can not only make a street less appealing, but actually damage house
prices. From our annual Best/Worse Celebrity Neighbours research, it is clear
that the public know who they would like to live on their street and those that
they feel would harm their street.

“No doubt there are a few sighs of relief now and again when
celebs move and put their properties on the market.”

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