California: the new choice for foreign buyers looking for luxury overseas homes

  • 12 years ago
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For years, cities such as Paris
and Shanghai have been the destinations of choice for buyers looking for luxury
overseas homes.  Now, however,
increasing numbers of investors are heading to California which is seen as a
safe haven.

Reuters reports that ‘wealthy
European and Asian investors who have dominated the market for addresses in
London’s most fashionable neighbourhoods are frequently outbidding locals for
assets in the Golden State’.  Keep
reading to learn more about the high demand for luxury homes on America’s West

California enjoying biggest influx of foreign buyers for years

Simon Lyons, a high net worth
property specialist, told the news agency: “It is now London and Los Angeles,
not Shanghai or Moscow, that interests the cash-rich international investor.”

Recent data from America’s
National Association of Realtors showed that international sales reached $82.4
billion (£53 billion) in the year to March 31, up from $66.4 billion (£42.7
billion) in 2011.

The data shows that cash
purchases accounted for 62 percent of international sales and the average price
paid by international buyers was $400,000 (£257,450) against the overall U.S.
average of $212,000 (£136,450).

David Parnes, a director at a Los
Angeles-based realtor specialising in luxury homes said that Los Angeles is
enjoying its biggest influx of foreign capital for years.

“Investors are now snapping
up foreclosures in greater numbers because comparatively low property prices
mean they are able to achieve strong returns,” he said. “Prices in
L.A. are showing to 60 to 70 percent discounts against their equivalent in

Nick Marr, director of overseas
luxury homes
specialist believes that investors view California
as a safe haven compared to other troubled areas.  He said: “Considering recent troubles in Spain and Greece
the future of the Euro is in doubt. 
So, it’s no surprise that wealthy investors consider the USA a safer

“With recent price adjustments in
the USA, investors are able to benefit from great returns which perhaps aren’t
available elsewhere.”



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