Cairo Developments Boost Property Prices

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To the west of Cairo are several new suburban developments that are attracting upscale investment and seeing increasing property values. The Sixth of October City is one of these new areas that are seeing a dramatic rise in property prices and interest from international investors. The company that is developing this area, the Sixth of October City Development and Investment (SODIC) has recently begun several new projects and has plans for more. The whole city is designed around a luxury golf course, so residents will be able to head to the course when they want to relax
Allegria is a 2.4 million square meter residential project in Sixth of October City that was launched in 2007. Allegria is a higher-end project that is selling fast, and in 2007, it received an award of merit from the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) for its master plan. Allegria has a wide range of properties for sale designed by a number of architects.
Another new project that is under way is the Casa Apartments Project. Upscale and luxurious, Casa is the essence of the good life for those who are seeking to reside outside Cairo but don’t want a house or villa. It was designed by Egypt’s renowned architect, Shehab Mazhar, and has excellent facilities such as a spa, clubhouse and a variety of dining and entertainment venues. Casa offers elegant, trendy and fashionable apartment living with 118 buildings, 1,200 units over 294,000 meters of land.
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Most recently, a deal was signed with Solidere of Lebanon to contribute their urban planning, real estate development and property management expertise in developing Westown. Westown is designed to be the city center for Sixth of October City, and it takes its inspiration from the refreshing climate and clean northerly air that sweeps in from the Mediterranean. Westown is intended to feel like an organic, vibrant living city that is a great place to raise a family, start a business or just have a night out.
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