Buzios Attracts The Stars To Brazil

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The Brazilian beachfront town of Buzios is a gorgeous part of the country that offers wonderful beaches and a bit of seclusion, but it is just a few hours by car from Rio de Janiero. Buzios is on a peninsula that has 23 beaches and plenty of watersports. Some of Brazil’s most famous and wealthiest residents have homes and weekend retreats here, and the town was made famous by Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s. There is now a statue of the movie star on the main street.
While stars such as Ronaldo, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards can be seen enjoying the golf courses and beaches of Buzio, the town has a wide range of properties available. On the mainland, not far from the peninsula, small homes and properties are available for less than US$100,000. Beachfront properties overlooking the sheltered bay called Ferradura can easily run in the millions of dollars.
The town of Buzios has plenty of nightlife and very nice restaurants. The downtown area has many charming shops and boutiques to stroll through and purchase unique gifts. The peninsula juts out into the Atlantic Ocean and offers a wide variety of beaches and little bays. Those located on the western coasts and around secluded bays are calmer, while those on the eastern shoreline are more popular with surfers and for other water sports.
The 105 mile drive from Rio to Buzios is about a two hour trip. There is an airport which can accommodate private planes and jets, and some of the residents sail into town and keep their boats at the Buzios Yacht Club.
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