Buying in Portugal 4 Reasons To Choose Portimao

  • 14 years ago
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Are you considering buying a property in Portugal?

If so, the Algarve is one of the most popular destinations.  Whilst many people seek out a property near the resort of Albufeira, the charming town of Portimao offers a lovely combination of local life and modern facilities.

Here are four reasons to consider buying in Portimao.


Portimao has a terrific Mediterranean climate.  Averaging over 20 degrees Celsius from the months of May to October, the resort reaches a nice high of around 30 degrees in July and August.

The climate remains reasonably temperate all year round.  It is rare for temperatures to drop much below 8 or 9 degrees even in winter and the rainiest months tend to be November and December.


The Algarve boasts some of Europe’s finest beaches.  Whether you are looking for miles of golden sand or some secluded coves, the coastline around Portimao has it all.   Not only are the beaches of a high quality, but there are miles of them in either direction.


There are many activities and services designed to keep you entertained all year round.  As well as plenty of great shops in Portimao and the neighbouring towns of Lagos and Albufeira, there are plenty of cobbled streets and historical monuments to explore.

There are also lots of stunning golf courses and resorts on the Algarve.  Penina and Golfe de Morgado are just two of the courses in and around Portimao.


One of the main advantages of Portimao is that it is near FaroInternationalAirport, the main airport for flights in and out of the Algarve.  Many airlines fly to Faro from the UK and Portimao is under an hour’s drive from the airport.

Portugal also has an excellent train and bus network and it’s easy to reach other towns along the Algarve or places further field (including Lisbon) via a good road system.

So, if you are looking for the perfect location for a holiday home, check out the beautiful town of Portimao now. 

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