Busy Week For Currency Markets

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17/02/09- This week presents some challenges to those seeking to benefit from the currency markets or if you are making large purchases abroad. The uncertainty in the financial markets set to continue, a summary of this week’s major data announcements which could affect exchange rates and currency movements.
All times are GMT.
Pound Sterling
Tuesday 0930 – UK consumer and retail price index
Wednesday 0930 – Bank of England minutes
Wednesday 1100 – UK industrial trends survey
Thursday 0930 – public sector net borrowing
If you are sending money abroad, the value of your Pound could be volatile during these announcements, specially the Bank of England minutes on Wednesday which give the results of the MPC’s last interest rate vote earlier this month.
Tuesday 1000 – Eurozone trade balance
Canadian Dollar
Monday 1330 – Canadian investment data
Sending money to Canada has been increasing in cost due to the weak Pound – this release is not a major one but could make a difference to your Canadian dollar exchange rate.
US Dollar
Tuesday 1800 – US housing market index
Wednesday 1330 – US housing starts and building permits
Thursday 1330 – US producer price index
As the US dollar has been strengthening in recent weeks, look to these data releases for clues as to the Greenback’s future direction.
Swiss Franc
Thursday 1000 – ZEW business sentiment survey
Transferring money to Switzerland, whose Franc is seen as a ‘safe haven’ currency, has not been helped by the recent financial problems in the UK. In risky climates, investors tend to buy safe currencies and assets such as the CHF, which means demand increases and the currency therefore becomes more expensive.

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