Business Becoming Easier in Cape Verde

  • 15 years ago
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A new secure online system is making it much easier to do business in and with Cape Verde. The new system makes it easier to conduct business in several ways. For island businesses, the most important benefit is perhaps in easing the process of registering a business in the African nation. Prior to the new system, it was time consuming and difficult to file all the necessary paperwork, but now the whole process can be done in less than a day. With nine populated islands, it took a lot of time and travel expenses to get to all the correct agencies and offices.


Now, with the help of the United States, Cape Verde is expanding its online government financial management system to make public operations more transparent and efficient. The system also makes it easier to do business with Cape Verde, as businesses around the world can access information about bids for goods and services that the country needs.


Another key benefit of the system is that the government can communicate much more easily with the residents of the country as well as expats around the globe. Praia is the island nation’s capital and is the home to the e-government system. It is available in both English and Portuguese, and citizens may access the system at public libraries on the islands.


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