Business Bay Properties Come On Line

  • 15 years ago
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The Bayswater tower in Dubai’s Business Bay development district is the first building to officially be handed over to its owners. Omniyat Properties is the developer based in Dubai that has completed the building and it said that it will hand over its next Business Bay tower in several weeks. Bayswater has 24 floors with 293 offices and 11 stores.
Over 200 buildings, to be used mainly for offices but some for residences, retail and hotels, are planned or under construction in Business Bay, according to master developer Dubai Properties. The area has been plagued by infrastructure problems which have delayed several buildings from being completed and turned over so far.
“Business Bay is an incredibly important development for the Dubai office market but it continues to suffer from delivery problems linked to infrastructure including water, power, sewage and electricity,” said David Macadam, the director of the commercial department at Better Homes
“We know that developments in Business Bay have been held up because of the power issue,” said Lloyd Budd, the commercial director of Omniyat.
“We have provided temporary solutions for power and will run generators on site, but we have received the approval from DEWA to be on substation one, which is located opposite to Bayswater. We expect permanent connection to power by September or October.” Mr. Budd said there would be no extra cost. Property Dubai

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