Bulgarian property investment tips from Birmingham City UK

In response to recent negative press and complaints from British investors, Sash Solutions have organised a series of educational property seminars located in Birmingham city centre UK  amazingly these are  free for the public to attend. The weekly seminars will cover many key principles and helpful lessons on making good investment decisions including: buying below market value, capital growth, and deal structure.  
In addition to the lectures, guests will be invited to socialize and enjoy a glass of popular Bulgarian wine while receiving personalized advice from local Bulgarian property experts. Ms. Galina Mihaylova, director of Sash solutions, who manages a team with over 20 years of experience in the market, says: “when investing in Bulgaria you invest in the opportunity that this country offers.” Our goal is to give an accurate view of the market condition and to show why investing in Bulgarian property makes financial sense.” adds Ms.Mihaylova.
Top Bulgarian property investment tips – be prepared
Sash Solutions  explain that It is good to understand that at this stage Bulgaria should not be seen as a quick return on investment destination, there are some exceptional offers that might provide you this but in general you invest in the opportunity, see it as a medium to long term investment.
Two investment tips :
1. Bulgarian infrastructure is not as developed as  Western Europe but this is where the opportunity is. Now with the EU accession there are number of infrastructural project and millions of EU money pouring into the country.
2.Learn as much as you can about the country, the economy, political system, geography, the law, the culture, the people – this should give you good understanding and reason why and how to invest in the country . Try to use independent and reputable sources of information not marketing products.

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