Brits seeking great value property in Greece

  • 13 years ago
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While the country may still be
struggling to cope with ongoing debt problems and domestic unrest, Greece is
seeing increased interest from savvy British property buyers looking to snap up
an international property bargain.

New research has found that web
searches for property in Greece rose sharply in June with some areas seeing a
significant uplift in interest.

Online searches for property in Greece up 21.7 per cent in June 2011

A new survey from foreign exchange
company Moneycorp and Rightmove has found that June 2011 saw a 21.7 per cent
increase in online searches for property in Greece. 

The research also found that
certain areas of the troubled country including Samos and Rhodes saw a 50 per
cent increase in internet searches in June.

The head of Rightmove’s overseas
property division, Shameem Golamy, said: “It’s clear that the problems with the
Greek economy are helping drive attention to the investment opportunities
located there.”

Olann Kerrison, senior currency
analyst at Moneycorp, said that the attention of Brits had been drawn ‘to the
potential that the Greek housing market might hold in the future, once the
economy is in a healthier state and the government achieves stability’.

Other countries also saw an uplift in web searches

The survey also found that other
countries saw an increased number of web searches for property in June
2011.  Property in Spain, Turkey
and Italy all saw increased interest, while there was a 17 per cent increase in
searches for property in Croatia.

The research found that 53.4 per
cent of locations saw an increase in searches in June 2011.  The most popular country for searches
was Spain, followed by France, the USA, Portugal and Italy.

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