Brits, Germans and Russians investing heavily in Turkish property

  • 11 years ago
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Brits have been among the most active investors when it comes to Turkish property, reports.  

A new study released by the Turkish Environment of Urban Planning Ministry found that Brits were the most active where overseas property was concerned, along with Russian and German buyers.

The ministry looked into international investment heading in to Turkey with a view to see where it had come from and the total amount for which each country accounted. Russian investors topped the pile, buying up 2,313 properties, whilst Brits (1,353) and Germans (1,350) were almost neck-and-neck behind.

Elsewhere, Norway, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands were also deemed to be strong investors in Turkish property.

The study also looked into individual regions of Turkey to see which were the most successful at attracting foreign investors. Mersin on the south coast proved to be the most popular, followed by the Aegean province of Izmir and Yalova on the Marmaran Sea coming into third.

Buying properties in Turkey isn’t the only popular option, however, as many overseas investors are also seeing the opportunities offered in buying up land on which to build.

Despite the interest from Russia, Britain and Germany, investors from the Middle East are also expected to begin targeting Turkey soon thanks to the removal of its restrictive reciprocity law last May. This, analysts have claimed, made the country much more attractive for long-term investments, reports.

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