British Weather Feeds Overseas Property Markets

  • 14 years ago
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Crime and bad weather are to blame for the record number of over 55s wanting to leave the UK. New research from the Foreign Office divulges that more than four in ten Brits nearing retirement age are considering doing it abroad.
Each year around 200,000 Brits leave for foreign shores. Official Foreign Office figures reveal that a third choose Australia or New Zealand whilst more than a quarter went to Spain or France. Weather is the main driver, particularly this year after a snow-strained winter, one of the worst in decades.
Chris Mercer, Director of the eponymous southern Spanish real estate company, Mercers, comments, “At a time when many fear Britain is losing its national identity, the irony is that pockets of Spain display the real essence of Britishness – Camposol Golf Resort is one of them.
Residents relish the familiarity of being able to tuck into a pint and a pasty whilst poring over a copy of the Daily Mail and chatting comfortably in English. But of course we have a healthy dose of ‘foreignness’ to boot in the shape of fabulous weather, imposing mountain vistas, mouthwatering tapas, sweeping beaches and clean seas. Camposol has all the ingredients for the best ‘home away from home’.”
A big retirement fear is finding plenty to occupy your time to evade boredom. No such fear at Camposol. The Resort teems with clubs and societies from painting to dancing, aerobics classes to Spanish lessons, reading circles to diving clubs – being on permanent holiday is certainly much more fun if you have people to share it with. Meanwhile the most obvious thing to do at Camposol is to tackle the challenging par 72 golf course whilst the Spa and gymnasium at the on-site four star Hotel Sensol are open to all.
Where Britain has gradually lost its community spirit, Camposol has it in spades, Chris continues, “It can be like turning the clock back to the UK 50 years ago. Each pattern of streets at Camposol feels like a real neighbourhood and old-fashioned values which have been lost in much of the UK thrive here. Near-strangers pass the time of day perhaps inviting each other round for a glass of wine by the pool and keeping a watchful eye on each others’ houses if unoccupied for a few weeks. It’s a wonderful half-way house between ‘real Spain’ with its laid-back lifestyle and ‘back home’ which suits the British temperament perfectly. There’s also the added value of being able to receive a UK pension in a Spanish bank account.”
Taking shape over the past decade and a brief ten minute drive from the attractive coastal resort of Mazarron, the Camposol Resort counts various commercial centres including traditional Irish pubs, pizza restaurants, a selection of takeaways, a full-size household name supermarket and various services from doctors to hair and beauty salons. Properties, built in traditional Murcian style with ballustraded terraces and tiled archways cloaked in bright bougainvillea, vary in size and design from bijou one bedroom terraced cottages to grandiose three bedroom detached villas with private pools on 650m² plots. Prices start from as little as 50,000 euros (45,200 GBP).
Image caption: Three bedroom three bathroom detached villas with private swimming pools on Camposol Golf Resort from as little as 155,000 euros (140,800GBP).
Source: Mercers on 00 34 968 199

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