British Seek French Rural Property Over New Build

  • 13 years ago
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A leading overseas property
expert has revealed that Brits are increasingly seeking our rural property in
France.  Patrick Joseph from a
leading French property website believes that more and more people are seeking
an older property in a countryside location as a new report reveals that France
is one of the most expensive countries in the world in which to build new

France the fifth most expensive place to build new property

A recent survey from EC Harris
found that France is the fifth most expensive place to build a new home, behind
Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland and Sweden.

While the values of property in
France have increased significantly in 2011 – the country was the highest
ranked European country in the Knight Frank Global House Price Index published
earlier this year as annual price growth hit 8.7 per cent – the costs of
building new homes are also amongst the world’s highest.

Many people are therefore looking
to buy existing homes rather than paying a premium for new build property.

Brits increasingly looking for rural property in France

The cost of new homes may be a
factor in why more Brits are choosing rural homes when buying property in
France.  Patrick Joseph recently
revealed that small homes in a countryside location with some land are
increasingly popular with overseas buyers.

He said: “A rural lifestyle in
England comes with a hefty price tag and UK buyers are discovering that they
can achieve their dream of a sustainable lifestyle across the Channel far more

Foreigners looking to relocate
are particularly interested in the Limousin and Languedoc, Mr Joseph noted.

With good price growth, France is
also seen as a safe investment bet compared to many other European
countries.  Mr Joseph added:
“Although the financial gains won’t be dramatic there is an almost guaranteed
return on investment over time.”


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