Brazils Latest Overseas Investment Opportunity

  • 17 years ago
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A new resort is called Jacuma Beach; Rio Grande do Norte Brazil has been launched offering overseas property investors opportunities to enter the hot Brazilian real estate market. The development is located on one of the more popular areas for international investment in the northeast coast of Brazil in Rio Grande do Norte. With over 400 kilometres of beaches, 365 days of sun a year and the purest air in South American, there is now plenty to offer investors and home buyers. Just north of the capital city of Natal is some of the finest and most pristine beachfront property in the country.
Jacumã Beach, north of Natal (not to be confused with Jacuma Beach in the state of Paraiba) is known for its white sand and beautiful lagoon. The beach itself is in a small bay that is protected by reefs, keeping the waves small and the water calm. This is a perfect place for a family to enjoy the water and weather of northeast Brazil.
The new resort is under development along Jacumã Beach offers a range of housing options, from one bedroom apartments to bungalows starting at £56,000. That’s an amazing price to be able to enjoy one of the sunniest beaches of the world year round. With this being such a popular area, it is also a great opportunity to have rental property for vacationers that will provide income on a consistent basis. Annual yields are estimated at 10% with even greater capital growth expected for this whole area.
Details of the development Jacuma Beach Resort
Overseas property agent Steve Mitchell of ‘ In 2010 a new airport, San Gonzalvo International Airport, is scheduled to open outside of Natal and will be the fourth largest airport in the world. It will handle many flights from Europe as it is expected to be the gateway to this popular area. This makes the area of Natal even more attractive for investors’
The resort at Jacumã Beach has plenty of options for buyers, from beachfront vistas to poolside views. There are pools of different shapes and sizes to enjoy year round, tennis courts, buggy paths and several restaurants on the property. In short, this is an ideal place to live or visit.
Getting to Jacumã Beach is relatively easy. It’s about 30 km north of the city of Natal along a developed highway which is currently being widened to handle more traffic. The major airport is Augusto Severo International Airport, in Parnamirim, a suburb south of Natal. There are daily direct flights to and from other major Brazilian cities including Sao Paolo and Recife, as well as direct flights to and from Lisbon. A few charter flights are available from the UK direct to Natal on selected days.

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