Brazilian Property Investment Agency Created By ADIT Brasil

  • 14 years ago
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ADIT Brasil, the investors’ gateway to real estate and tourism development in Brazil, has created an Investment Agency focused on presenting real estate projects correctly to overcome the obstacles of doing business between Brazil and the rest of the world.
Luiz Lessa, CIO of ADIT’s Investment Agency says: “Brazilian business owners – especially small and medium-size – have not yet mastered the “language” of the international financial markets. Sometimes communication is a barrier and sometimes the projects they present lack an adequate format or the basic necessary information for investors to make a decision.

The “ADIT Investment Agency” has been created to make projects viable for the international investor. It aims to prospect the best available investment opportunities on the national scene Brazilian companies can use ADIT’s network and extensive experience of the market and its complexities to prepare their projects in a form acceptable to attract foreign capital.”

Members, Associates and non-members of ADIT are eligible to apply for the Investment Agency treatment. The IA examines each application and if chosen those project proposals will be analyzed using technical and market criteria such as return rates, viable usage and legal issues. The IA then creates a structure that not only prepares all the necessary information, but also conducts negotiations and leads them to deals.

There are already four projects in the IA portfolio
*an urban hotels project in Recife, Pernambuco,
*Social housing in Rio de Janeiro
*A master plan community in Natal, Rio Grande de Norte
*Second home condominiums in Ceará

The aim is to unveil them to a select audience of potential investors through road shows in London, Spain and the USA during October and November 2010. The intention of ADIT is to spread its service further into Europe, North America, middle-east and the Arab investment market.

ADIT Brasil is now a national Association covering the whole of Brazil and not just the Northeast region. ADIT’s main office is in Macéio in the state of Alagoas but it has located its Investment Agency headquarters in Sao Paulo. Luiz Lessa, CIO says: “Sao Paulo is the first port of call for the national and international institutional investment markets. Most businesses are directly or indirectly linked to Sao Paulo on a day-to-day basis.”

For further information about ADIT, photos, members directory and case studies, please contact ADIT’s representative in the UK, Tideway Communications on+ 44( 0)20 8878 0787 kerry(@)

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