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Brasilia, Friday, October 9, 2011-The
extended consumer price Index rose 0.53% for the month of September, ahead of
0.37% in August and 0.45% in September 2010 and 4.97% year to date,
significantly higher than the same period a year ago at 3.60%.  For twelve months running the figure
was 7.31% highest since May 2005 when the index touched 8.05%.  


Economists agree that this points to an
elevation of economic activity, expansion, but whether it could be called “over
expansion” or “over heating” remains to be seen. Interestingly, food staples
increased but only mildly as the bulk of increases appeared in categories of
fuel, insurance, Cars, salaries of domestic workers, non-food products, gas for
cooking, apparel, and other categories not directly impacting the pocket nor
table of the average person. 


The figure for CPI increase in 12 months
should be set over against the increase of Index of Construction cost by
region: The national cost of construction per square meter, which in August closed
at R$ 801.11, changed to R$ 802.66 in September, R$ 443.73 attributed to
materials and R$ 358.93 to labor force. The share relative to labour force
registered a change of 0.25%, 0.29 percentage points higher than that in the
previous month (-0.04%). Conversely, the share of materials recorded a
difference of 0.13 percentage points, coming from 0.28% in August to 0.15% in
September. In the year, labor force rose by 8.28%, whereas materials registered
2.04%. The accumulated indexes in 12 months were: 9.94% (labor force) and 3.49%


Central-West region records the highest
monthly change the Central-West region, with a high of 0.32%, recorded the
highest regional change. The other regions registered relatively approximate


  •  0.19% (Southeast)
  •  0.18% (North);
  •  0.18% (South);
  • and 0.17%
    (Northeast).The regional costs per square meter were:
  • R$ 841.11 (Southeast);
  • R$ 802.92
  • R$ 802.38 (North); R$
    799.67 (South)
  • And R$ 757.43
    (Northeast).  Ceará is in the
    Northeast region.

As for the accumulated indexes, the
Central-West region stood out with the highest change in the year, 6.55%, and
the highest change in the last 12 months, 7.33%.

Paraíba records the highest
increase-Paraíba recorded the highest monthly change, with 0.81%, majorly
influenced by materials, which registered a high of 1.35%.



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