Brazilian Aircraft Maker Embraer Flies into China with Jackie Chan on Point

  • 13 years ago
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Hong Kong Born Jackie Chan will be s
public face as the aircraft maker prepares to launch its Chinese Factory by
March of 2012.  Embraer recently
delivered its first aircraft built at its US factory in Melbourne, Florida.

Chan put his money where his mouth is, buying
an Embraer Legacy 600 Corporate Jet.
Apparently Chan believes in the
Embraer is
betting heavy that Chan´s endorsement will pay off big for the firm´s sales in
the people´s republic. Apparently, Embraer believes in Chan. The company
expects to make heavy use of Chan´s image in marketing in China. Chan´s
personal Legacy 600 Jet will be delivered in January.

Depending on seating configuration, the
Legacy can carry up to 14 passengers with full load as far as 3,400 nautical
miles, the distance from New York or London to Fortaleza non-stop with fuel
reserve to reach an alternate destination within 200 miles.

A possible interior arrangement is shown,
though the Legacy is usually custom fitted to the owner´s specifications.



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