Brazil Tourism Up Pleasing Overseas Property Investors

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The first two months of 2009 have seen the tourism sector in Brazil experience a substantial increase, thanks in part to increased domestic travel. The Brazilian Tourism Ministry estimated that revenue in the tourism sector grew 20 percent in the first two months of the year.
Hotel occupancy was up 23 percent for the time period when compared to a year earlier, with Carnival drawing immense crowds and nearly sold out rooms. Rio de Janeiro welcomed some 2.55 million visitors in January and February, 50,000 more than last year.
Nicholas Marr of International real estate portal ‘Overseas property buyers will be pleased with this announcement it seems that Brazil has a great future for investors who feel that they have a secure exit stratedy.When it comes to selling up they not only have a local population but a line if international buyers all seeking Brazil property”
Commenting on his company visit to North East Brazil “ It’s a wonder why this is not a UK hotspot Natal and the areas of Fortaleza, and Cumbuco are stunning with year round sunshine and a unique atmosphere topped with low prices it has it all”  
Tourism minister Luiz Barreto noted that the tourism numbers are very good and “not all sectors have been affected by the economic crisis.” Tourism is responsible for approximately 2.6 percent of the GDP for the country, with annual revenues of nearly 16 billion US dollars.
The top foreign visitors to Brazil come from, in order: Argentina, the US, Portugal, Italy, Chile, Uruguay and Spain.
Brazil’s president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, recently announced that his government plans to construct one million new homes by 2010 to help get the country’s economy back on track and to help homeowners.
“The construction industry is extremely important for generating jobs, and providing dynamism to the economy and steel industry, above all for the least skilled workers in the country,” said the president as he spoke to reporters in Brasilia last week.
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