Brazil property the darling of overseas property investors

A survey which sought the views of over 3000 overseas property investors who visited an overseas property blog web site reveals that Bulgaria, Brazil and Dubai are the darlings of the overseas property investor.
The survey which was managed by online survey company for Overseas asked visitors to the overseas property advice site which countries they thought would provide the best returns over the next 5 years.
The results gave no surprises for first place showing that 20.5% of investors thought Bulgaria was the best place to invest over a 5 year period. Traditional overseas property hot spots such as Spain and France did not feature in the investors top places to invest with France only gaining 1.3% of the online vote.
Nicholas Marr CEO of Marr International the company behind overseas property site  writes for the blog. “Online polls are only an indication of what is going on in the minds of property investors and can also be affected by where the traffic has come from to the blogg. However it gives a great indication of the feeling amongst those interested in overseas property. For me the big surprise was Brazil. It is an emerging market that seems set for big things and one that investors seem to be keeping a keen eye on.”
Results of survey
1. Bulgaria 20.5%
2. Brazil  16.2%
3. Dubai 15.1%
4. Turkey 12.4%
5. Morocco 8.1%
6. Spain 5.9 %
7. USA 5.4
8. Australia 5.4%
9. UK 4.3%
10. Italy 3.2%
11. Barbados 2.2%
12. France 1.3%
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A Place in the Sun Magazine which is published 13 times a year by Brooklands Media Ltd in the UK e announced the result of a their survey late last year which gives the top 20 places to buy property abroad.
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