Brazil Property attracts real estate big boys

  • 17 years ago
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 The last 3 years has seen Brazilian real estate causing a flurry of activity amongst individual and small overseas property investors. Now the big guns in real estate investment have arrived to take advantage of a growing Brazilian economy.  Morgan Stanley Real Estate has seen the light and has reported their intentions of expanding into Brazil. The region has managed to keep inflation low and maintain its economic success story on track and seems to be the darling of overseas property investors.
Morgan Stanley’s real estate comprises three integrated businesses: banking, investing and lending.  Morgan Stanley’s global network of economists, strategists, research, and capital market and product specialists have specific knowledge to deliver the most informed strategic and investment advice possible.
Property investors can now take stock of the fact that such a well informed investor can choose Brazil as a place to invest. Morgan Stanley Real Estate is growing its operations in Brazil, having last month agreed to acquire a 14.29% stake in Brazilian residential developer and broker Abyara Planejamento Imobiliario S.A.
Morgan Stanley believes there is pent up demand for residential properties and new builds in Brazil, particularly in Sao Paulo.
British Property Investors have already been dipping their toes in the property investment market mainly around Natal and North Eastern Brazil. A recent survey conducted by the Institute for Applied Economics Research concluded that Natal is the safest city of all capital cities of Brazilian states.
 Currencies Direct a British foreign exchange company, recently listed Brazil as the ninth most popular investment spot for British overseas property purchases. Mark O’Sullivan, head of trading at Currencies Direct, notes that Brazil’s “tropical climate, dramatic scenery, upbeat culture and potential annual occupancy rates of about 30 weeks, present plenty of reasons to buy property in Brazil.”

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