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The appeal of Brazilian property to the UK buyer is so strong that one company is capitalising on this by setting up in central London. Brazil Property Advisors which is staffed by Brazilians have over 30 years experience in Brazil real estate and see the UK as a strong market to enter.
Brazil Property Advisors Spokesperson Eileen Doyle ‘ Since Brazil is still an emerging property market, we guide UK buyers through the entire buying procedure. Many investors are bewildered by the procedures in Brazil we aim to make the purchase as easy as possible. We have a network of respected lawyers, financial advisers and money transfer companies in the UK and in Brazil.’ When asked what type of UK buyer was using their services Eileen Doyle  explained that the majority of the companies clients were investors seeking to maximise their returns in a relatively new market.  
While in the past there have been questions about the economy, the country has been buoyed by sustained efforts of the government to maintain economic and political stability, and a continuing commitment to improve infrastructure and accessibility. As such, Brazil is now an attractive long term investment prospect for foreign investors. An influx of foreign direct investments has fuelled tremendous growth in the country’s property market, pushed further by tourism which is set to reach record levels this year.
Brazil has quite a bit going for it for those interested in a vacation or second home abroad. The cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo are the well-known destinations, but the coast on the northeast part of the country has become the holiday destination. Great weather year round, fabulous beaches and lots of reasonably priced oceanfront property make Brazil an attractive investment for many international investors. It also has a very affordable cost of living, only a fifth of the UK, making it a very reasonable place to stay for the short and long term. For a holiday home, second home or retirement home, this is one of the best places to look.
There are now regular direct flights into Salvador and Natal as well as a growing number of flights to other northeast cities and states.
Owning property in Brazil is reasonably easy, as foreigners are permitted to purchase and own property in Brazil unrestricted and freehold, with the same property rights as Brazilians and will obtain a free & clear title to the property. Property ownership is guaranteed by the Constitution both for Brazilians and foreigners.
For those interested in buying and owning property in Brazil, there are a number of sources of information and advice. Brazil Property Advisors is one such company staffed by Brazilians they have a unique perspective to buying property in Brazil
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