Brazil Passes UK Taking 6th Place in World Economy Ranking

  • 13 years ago
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Brazil notched up from 7th to 6th place  in global ranking of DGP passing UK despite weak growth of just 3% in 2011. 2012 is also forecast to be weak with growth only around 2.5%. Economists of CEBR who compiled the survey project Brazil´s continued rise in rankings compared to European countries over the years until 2020.  


Strong performance by other BRICS countries will see the four BRIC countries Brazil, Russia, India, and China dominate four of the top 6 rankings. Only the United States, First and Japan, Third, will figure in the top half dozen by 2020, according to the report by the UK Center for Economics and Business Research, appearing in the UK´s Guardian newspaper.


Other studies by other economic “think tanks” say trace roughly the same outlook for Brazil, including “BRAiN”  Brazil Investments and Business, an association of the São Paulo Stock Exchange, along with eight of the largest commercial banks in Brazil including Bradesco, Banco do Brasil, Santander, Banco Votorantim, BTG Pactual, Cetip, Citibank, HSBC e Itaú Unibanco. The group pooled their economic know how and  released a study called “The Attractiveness of Brazil for Investment and Business in Latin America.”


The BRAiN study forecast that Brazil would rank Fourth in the world by 2025, roughly parallel to the CEBR results appearing in the Guardian.


Sam Zell, the American real estate billionaire investor was widely quoted at the end of 2009 echoing similar opinion. Zell was at one time said to be the largest landlord in the United States and has invested heavily in Brazil since 2007. Zell said that he expected Brazil to surpass even China by mid-Century due to its vast natural resources and favorable business climate.


Brazil so dazzles Zell that he says that in the next 30 years Brazil will be an economic force greater than China.  “If you look at the facts I think you will find that no better climate than Brazil exists anywhere in the world.”

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