Brazil now one of the world’s property hotspots

  • 14 years ago
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Brazil is now one of the world’s hottest property markets. The country is expected to join Russia, India and China as one of the planet’s powerhouse economies in the next few years and this is fuelling a great property boom. And, a recent report from Adam Consultancy has found that buying in the South American country is on the increase.
Property prices rising
The report stated that, “Property prices have been rising in line with the increased activity of the highly appealing tourist market. The Brazilian government has placed the country’s economic growth at the forefront of its overhaul reforms.”
The report also praised the variety of different real estate available in the country. As well as high quality, luxury apartments, developers are building villas, townhouses and smaller flats which are perfect as a holiday home, rental property or a long term investment.
Brazil has created a short, medium and long term market which is attracting all levels and types of investors. The future of the market and the country’s economy indicates massive potential for growth and expansion, enabling the earliest investors to gain exceptional benefits from the market.”

Infrastructure improvements

The country’s government have helped to encourage foreign investment i the country. Mortgage rates in Brazil – typically amongst the highest in the world – have come down, making it easier for both locals and foreigners to buy.
In addition, the government has committed billions of pounds of expenditure to grand infrastructure projects. Brazil hosts both the 2016 Olympic Games and the 2018 World Cup and so improvements to roads, ports and airports are planned. There is also to be a new north to south railway constructed.
Brazil is a growing economy with a flourishing property market. It is the perfect place to buy your next property investment.
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