Brazil is The Place for European Investors

  • 16 years ago
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According to international real estate news service Propertywire, there are some 70 million tourists who visit Brazil each year, and about 5% of them want to buy a second home there. In the northeast part of the country, it is estimated that over the next few years there will be 80,000 new properties constructed, both homes and apartments, just for foreign buyers.
As the economy in the United States continues to slump, and once hot European housing markets are maturing, many property investors are turning to Brazil. This booming South American country has so much going for it that it’s hard to describe all the plusses. While the cities such as Rio de Janeiro are always popular for foreign buyers, the northeast coast of the country is the place to be. With year round sun, great beaches, beautiful weather and reasonable prices, this is the target for many overseas buyers.
Overseas property website has been promoting Brazilian property for a number of years CEO Nicholas Marr’ The buyers who bought property through us in 2005 have seen dramatic capital gains and have also benefitted from the strengthening Real. Our estimates now put capital appreciation at roughly 20% per annum.   
One foreign investor who is sold on the country is José Antonio Sánchez Santamaría, a Spanish developer who has begun construction on a 2,000 hectare tourism complex in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. This new development is called Grand Natal Golf and is located in the city of Natal, one of the region’s booming cities. Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith and soccer star Ronaldo are helping to promote this development.
According to Antoino Montes, professor at the Instituto de Empresa in Spain, Brazil is an obvious choice for many reasons: “There is a growing demand from people who want to have their second homes in Brazil. It is economically and politically stable, and it is developing important infrastructure projects in its ports, airports, highways and railroads. This fact, along with the current level of international confidence in the country, is attracting a lot of foreign investors.”
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