Brazil and Chile to Lead the Way in 2009

  • 16 years ago
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Brazil and Chile are the best positioned countries to weather the international economic storm and lead the way in Latin America, according to news and analysis of the region. These two countries have shown fiscal prudence while other regional economies have not been so disciplined. As a result, Brazil and Chile are well-positioned for 2009 and look to be good places in which to invest.


Both of these major South American countries are well run and have sound financial systems, according to investment advisor Horacio Marquez. They are also doing an increasing amount of trade with countries such as China, so the fall in US imports won’t hurt them nearly as much as it will other countries.


Additionally, both nations are investing heavily in infrastructure improvements. The many projects underway will make it much easier to get around Brazil and Chile, to get to and away from the many popular destinations, and to get goods and services across the country or across the globe. This will make them more attractive for just about everyone, from the buyer of goods produced there to visitors and international property investors who want a second home or retirement villa that is easy to get to.


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