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  • 16 years ago
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Investors thinking about buying property in Italy may well turn their focus to Bologna as it receives a huge amount of investment. A recent article in the International Herald Tribune highlights Bologna’s plans for growth and spurring investment. The local agency in charge of promoting investment in the city, Promo Bologna, lists the investments and developments that are currently ongoing and planned for the city.
According to Promo Bologna’s investment database, there are nearly €21 billion currently planned for investment in and around the city. There are approximately €6.5 billion of listed investments for projects in the metropolitan area and province of Bologna over the coming years. Add that to the €15 billion for national infrastructural investment in transportation networks converging on Bologna, and you have the €21 billion figure.
“The airport is the door to the world and can act as the motor for all of Bologna’s other infrastructure projects from housing to public transportation,” said Giuseppina Gualtieri, the chairwoman of the city’s Marconi airport, quoted in the IHT. “It’s important that the airport expansion happens, all the rest will follow.”
Some of the other improvements are housing and downtown development, including residential units around the University of Bologna. If all the plans are approved, then apartment buildings valued at about €1.2 billion will be constructed in three different areas, including a new neighborhood called Bertalia-Lazzaretto.
With all the investment in this mid-sized Italian city, it looks to be a good place for those interested in international real estate. The key to its investment is also a key for property seekers, as it is easy to get to just about anywhere in the northern half of Italy from here.
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