Big brother data protects homes in Smart Water

Making your home secure can be a key selling point when selling your home. Police in the UK have unveiled their latest crime-busting weapon called Smartwater which is a DNA-style spray rigged up to trap burglars targeting homes in Cumbria UK.

A Big Brother central database keeps a record of where it is registered, so criminals caught with the substance on them can be traced back to the scene of a break-in 

The spray, which is triggered like an alarm as intruders enter, works by leaving a harmless but unique chemical trace on skin and clothing.

Anyone arrested in Carlisle UK, are to be scanned under ultra-violet light to see if they have Smartwater on them.
Inspector Andy Shaddock said: “Smartwater has got its roots in DNA technology. Each individual batch is unique. “In Cumbria we are also using covert sprays. If somebody breaks in, the next thing they know, they are covered in a fine mist of Smartwater. It is harmless but impossible to get off.”
Home security the future is here
A Texas based company uControl, Inc. launched its next-generation home security service that provides redundant connectivity and better security at a lower price for the more than 26 million U.S. homeowners who want more from their existing, installed alarm system.
It is reportedly the first to offer an enhanced home security service that connects to existing, installed alarm systems and communicates over three redundant connections – broadband, cellular and phone lines. The system enables people to control and monitor their alarm system from the Web or from their cell phones – anywhere, anytime.
Homeowners can also monitor and control their homes remotely from any computer, PDA and cell phone, giving them more flexibility and control to keep connected with their homes and families.
Increase home security to sell your home 
Those selling their homes should think about increasing their home security to attract buyers. Read more here

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