Biarritz is Undergoing a Renaissance

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Once the most desired holiday destination in France and much of Europe, Biarritz long ago surrendered that title to the resorts along the Mediterranean Coast. In recent years, though, this town just north of the Spanish border along the Bay of Biscay has been rediscovered by those looking for something different. The golden beaches have always been the main draw for visitors and holiday homeowners, but there is quite a bit here for anyone who visits or is looking for a nice international property investment.
This posh and aristocratic resort town came to fame when Napoleon III and his Spanish wife, Eugenia, frequented it and constructed their own palace on the beach, which is now the world class Hotel du Palais. The town is located in Basque country, so there are plenty of competing dialects and languages for visitors to navigate, but, to many, that just makes it all the more attractive and cosmopolitan. In addition to being right on the water, this beautiful resort is not far from the Pyrenees and many pine forests. Outdoor lovers will always find something to do nearby.
The beaches at Biarritz stretch to the north and south of the city, with the most popular being the Grande Plage, which is just north of the old town. The main town is built on a small, hilly peninsula of land that juts out into the bay, which makes for great surfing. It also is makes it very scenic and everything is well within walking distance of the town. The best beach for surfing is Anglet, which stretches for some 4 kilometers north of the town.
As befitting of its aristocratic past, property in Biarritz can be expensive, but there are still good deals that can be found. In town are many apartments that make a perfect weekend escape, holiday home or even retirement location. Depending on the amenities and views, these can be reasonably inexpensive or very costly. Villas naturally are a bit more than most apartments, but once you get outside of town there are some for good prices.
Getting to Biarritz is easy, as the Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne International Airport (BIQ) is small but has a number of discount flights to and from the UK. It is only 3 kilometers from the town center, so it is a quick transfer.
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