Best Selling Author Sells Home To Overseas Buyers

  • 15 years ago
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International bestselling business author and top business thought leader – Jonathan Blain , has sort the assistance of overseas property website to sell his luxury home located in Totnes Devon England. The house with a price tag of 2 million pounds was previously marketed without success to wealthy UK buyers.
The house offered for sale is a landmark home that has previously featured on the front cover of the South Devon Tourist Guide, Which appears in a number of books, a post card, numerous works of art and has even appeared on TV.  Described by one local paper as “Iconic” and “Historic” by another, the regional paper the Western Morning News says “Nothing can prepare you for the stunning attention to interior detail”, Country life and Justin King CEO of Sainsbury’s describe it as “Fantastic”.  The Independent says “This house has it all” and the UK’s biggest weekly selling magazine “The Week”, featured it recently as one of the eight best properties in the UK on the market in areas of outstanding natural beauty.
Jonathan Blain is an international best selling author with 11 books and $3.8million sales on a wide variety of business / people and technology topics. Jonathan is on the leading edge of progress, he pushes the boundaries and is determined to make a positive contribution to the world.
Speaking to about marketing the home to international buyers in a recession Jonathan explained ““It is not what the recession does to you that matters – it is how you respond to it..” As if to prove the point he says you have to think outside the box “he has one person committed to buying ¼ of the property for £500,000 and only needs one or more people to take ¼ ½ or ¾ shared ownership.  He is also offering a part share investment opportunity at a discounted rate.  He says “there is always more you can do”.
The 6 Bed 5 Bath home on the River Dart has been restored to the highest standard you can see more details here: Luxury property Devon

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