Bali Villa Market Holding Steady

  • 15 years ago
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The rental market in Bali for villas has continued to be strong, according to recent news reports from the island. With the Easter holidays coming up, demand is strong for holiday villas, and it looks like that will continue well into the year.
Ian Macauley, president of the Elite Havens Group, was quoted by Asia Property Report, saying that “Our rental team is having trouble keeping up with inquiry volumes at the moment.”
Additionally, Paradise Property has reported a 12 percent increase in 2009 bookings already, with 82 percent of the villas booked for Easter. ““Our bookings in 2009 have increased since we are on the top list in Google search. To give you an idea on the rental market, on the Easter the villas are 82 percent already booked, 78 percent already booked in July, 71 percent in August and 20 percent already booked in December 2009,” a spokesperson from Paradise Property says.
With demand for villas strong, Bali’s property market should continue to be solid throughout the year.
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