Bali Tourist Arrivals Now Up

  • 15 years ago
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Foreign tourist arrivals in Bali for January, 2009 broke the record for best January every, with a total of 164,643 arrivals for the month. That is 17.71 percent better than the same month in 2008, which was the previous record for January at 139,873 foreign visitors to the island.
Australia became the number one source of foreign entries to the popular resort island, with nearly 28,000 arrivals during the month. That was the first time that Japan was moved out of the top spot for arrivals, as it had only 25,324 visitors. South Korea, the fourth largest inbound market a year ago, fell to seventh with just over 8,000 arrivals, down some 23 percent from 2008.
China is quickly becoming a popular source of tourists for Bali, moving to third place behind Australia and Japan with over 23,000 visitors in January. Another newcomer to the top five list for Bali is Malaysia, with over 10,000 island visitors. Overall, the Asian-Pacific nations experienced substantial gains in traffic to Bali, while the US also saw a large jump of 23.6 percent for the month.
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