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    Nick Marr

    I am an internet entrepreneur with a passion for driving big audiences and a love for real estate. I have had plenty of ups and downs which has given me the experience to help others launch their own businesses. I enjoy projects that save consumers time and money, challenge convention and add real value to peoples lives.

US buyers step up demand for property

  US buyers are stepping up their property buying activity overseas on the back of an increasingly strong dollar.   Demand for property in the Cayman Islands has doubled, according to a report by chartered surveyors and consultants Charterland. The number of buyers registered in the USA

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US home sales soar - but so do prices

  US home sales are soaring, as the recovering economy fuels the housing market. Prices, though, are rising too.   Pending sales rose 0.9 per cent in in May 2015, taking the National Association of Realtors' index to its highest level in nine years. Pending sales are 10.4 per cent highe

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New Zealand changes tax laws for property investors

New Zealand has changed its tax laws for property investors in an attempt to ensure a fairer market. The new bill, which will amend the Land Transfer Act and Tax Admnistration Act, will require buyers and sellers of property to provide IRD numbers at the time of the property transfer. The measure

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Bank of Spain: Housing market has bottomed

The Spanish housing market has bottomed out, the Bank of Spain has said. "The adjustment of the real estate sector is, in principle, complete," Director of Studies José Luis Malo de Molina has commented. The market's recovery, though, remains complex. The Official House Price Index (OHPI) publ

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Foreign buyers return to Frances prime market

Foreign buyers are returning to France's prime property market, according to agents. "Since the financial and economic crash of 2008, it has been widely reported that the luxury French property market has never quite recovered, with prices largely remaining lower than those of 2007," comments Sext

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Turkey leads European house price growth

Turkey is now the country with the fastest growing house prices in Europe. Turkish real estate has gone from strength to strength in recent years, as strong population growth, improving infrastructure and a relatively upbeat economy all fuel demand for property, both from domestic buyers and ove

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