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    Nick Marr

    I am an internet entrepreneur with a passion for driving big audiences and a love for real estate. I have had plenty of ups and downs which has given me the experience to help others launch their own businesses. I enjoy projects that save consumers time and money, challenge convention and add real value to peoples lives.

Buying a Home: The Beginning

  Buying a house is an extremely time-consuming and stressful process. Most people don’t realize how much work is involved, and it’s a lot more than just saying you want it, like you see on TV. Buying a home requires showings, banks, inspections, banks, research, banks…i

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House Maintenance Tips Every Real Estate Owner Must Know

What is the point of building a stunning house if its beauty is going to fade in a few years? If your property is not maintained properly, it will affect its appeal and profitability. This does not mean that you have to use floor scrubbers every other day. However, using such equipment on a regular

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The Real Estate Team Every Investor Needs

When investing on real estate, investors are mainly concerned about the location of the land and its value. Of course, these are factors that have a significant effect on your income. However, it is important to remember that human resources are essential for this investment too. You cannot hope to

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Spring Cleaning Tips you Should Not Ignore

Everyone is busy. However, when spring arrives it is time to knock the dust off the shelves and renew the look and feel of your home. For most this means spring cleaning. Once you have gathered all the supplies it is time to roll up your sleeves and get busy. Some spring cleaning tasks you should be

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