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    Kenneth Martin

    Experienced and professional in-house writer Ken has written for several publications and has a passion for housing, finance and mortgage news. He has developed an expertise in international real estate news and enjoys extending his knowledge to the regions that homesgofast.com cover.

Dollar Rebounds after Fed Meeting Minutes

Thursday 22nd of February saw the US Dollar hit a 10 day high in response to minutes from the US Federal Reserve January meeting. The result of the meeting saw policy makers showing confidence in the economic outlook for 2018. The US Dollar which is measured against six other major currencies cli

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Home Repairs You Should Not DIY

It is normal for one thing or the other to need fixing in your house. Time, wear and tear or misuses are constant factors that will affect properties in your home and the longer things stay faulty, the worse they tend to get. You should get it fixed quickly. But should you do it yourself or call i

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Should You Use Bitcoin to Buy or Sell a Home

In 2017, Bitcoin was the rage as the cryptocurrency’s value shot up in bounds and leaps. As its value went up, not only did more people become interested in what Bitcoin actually was, they also became interested in owning Bitcoins of their own which suddenly made the digital currency a viabl

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11 tips to make your home sell fast during the holidays

The general assumption is that the holidays are a bad time to sell your home because they unsettle your family and prevent you from enjoying the holidays. However, statistics show that you’re more likely to sell your home closer to the asking price over the holidays than the rest of the year

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