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    Franki Chaffin-Edwards

    Franki Chaffin-Edwards is an experienced property writer and PR manager who has written for various property blogs, industry news sites and national newspapers

Investing 101: Build to Rent Opportunities in the UK

Those who have a sizeable amount of capital will be financially savvy enough to know that true profit can only lie in using your money. Investing offers the obvious solution, and a myriad of options to help increase your earnings. Unfortunately, those schemes and instruments that offer guaranteed

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FA Cup Final Players House Prices Compared

This weekend, Manchester United will take on Crystal Palace in the FA Cup Final at Wembley. With both teams spending big bucks on new players at the start of the season, property portal TheHouseShop.com have worked out just how much real estate you could buy for the same price and created a handy

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North East England vote Miliband as best neighbour

A YouGov survey commissioned by property website The House Shop shows that Labour leader Ed Miliband comes out top as the leader that people from the North East would like most as a neighbour. This is in contrast with national results where David Cameron comes top of the leaderboard of the best part

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The UKs First Floating For Sale Board Launched

Celebrity neighbours that include Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Branson and Simon Cowell would have all seen the UK's first floating for sale board. The marketing tool was launched over one of London's most chic areas yesterday. In an attempt to stand out from the crowd and draw attention to his 2 bed fl

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