Antwerp’s Old Docks a Trendy Place

  • 15 years ago
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The old dock area of Antwerp, which was long ago replaced with larger and newer port facilities, has become a popular location for residential property buyers in the city. The area is known locally as the Eilandje and has well known street names such as Nassau, Madras, Riga and Naples.
Now under construction is a spiral shaped city museum which is the center of the dock area’s rejuvenation. It is being constructed on a jetty in the middle of a new marina, and when completed it will be 20 floors tall and a very visible symbol of the popular area. The red sandstone building is expected to cost some €18 million and will have a mosaic designed by Luc Tuymnans in front of it.
There are several other major projects under way, including several 16-story mixed used towers designed by well known architects such as David Chipperfield and Diener & Diener. The first of these buildings, called the Westkaii Towers, is expected to open in 2010.
As the area has become increasingly popular for home buyers over the past few years, more and more places to shop, dine and relax have made their homes here as well. The area is also a popular international destination, as the city is only about 20 kilometers from the Netherlands.
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