Antalya Turkey Tourism Still Going Strong

  • 16 years ago
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Turkey’s holiday capital of Antalya has had a banner year in terms of the number of visitors, and things continue to boom well into September. According to news reports in the Turkish Daily News, the city has already surpassed more than 7 million visitors for the year. That is up by 19% from last year’s number of just under 6 million tourists for the same time.
The Antalya Culture and Tourism Provincial Directorate indicated that visitors are still coming and the year will be the area’s best ever. In the first two weeks of September there were nearly 600,000 tourists arriving in the region. Ibrahim Acar, the head of the Directorate, is optimistic about the rest of the year and is already looking forward to 2009. He indicated that the goal of 9 million tourists for the year may be reached.
The coast around Antalya is known as the Turkish Riviera and is located on the southern coast of the country along the Mediterranean Sea. It has the country’s busiest airport (AYT), which is modern and efficient. Many discount carriers fly directly to Antalya Airport year round from cities in the UK. In addition to the well known beaches along the coast, Antalya has many things for visitors and potential home buyers to see and do. It is no wonder that this popular Turkish city is seeing record numbers of visitors.
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