Amanda Lamb reveals overseas property hotspots

  • 11 years ago
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TV personality and overseas property expert Amanda Lamb has outlined five of her top spots for investments around the world.

In a blog written for, Lamb identified Brazil, Cape Verde, Dubai, Thailand and Germany as being particularly strong markets for British investors.

Where Brazil was concerned, Lamb noted the “building frenzy” currently ongoing in the South American country as it gears up for the 2014 FIFA World cup and 2016 Olympics. As a result of everything on the horizon, house prices rose by some 23 per cent during 2011 and look set to continue over the coming years, making it a potentially fruitful investment opportunity.

Next was Cape Verdi off the West African coast. The quiet archipelago is deemed to have survived the nineties rush when many others fell by the wayside. Buoyed by strong tourism, the islands are deemed to have a strong economic future based on solid foundations.

In Dubai, Lamb claimed that the huge crash it suffered in 2007 was to be expected – having come after a period of immense growth. Despite this stumble, things are back on track in Dubai and many forecasters are expecting a return to the aggressive growth witnessed pre-2007.

Thailand, meanwhile, was praised for having the fastest-growing Asian economy but also a property market that’s still emerging. Combining the two makes for a perfect storm where property investors are concerned – offering the best of both worlds for an almost-guaranteed investment opportunity.

Lastly, Lamb turned her attention to Germany, which is currently thriving.

It may lack the sex appeal of Ibiza or Barbados,” reports Lamb as noting, “but Germany is doing very well without hordes of overseas property investors.

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