Amanda Lamb: Be more inventive on holiday

  • 13 years ago
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Amanda Lamb
has called on UK holidaymakers to be “more inventive” when on holiday.

The A Place in the Sun presenter this week advised Britons looking for budget holidays abroad to be
more inventive to reduce costs.

Countries or places where theme parks and other attractions
charge a lot for entry are unnecessary, said Lamb, who suggests that families
find alternative activities to keep kids entertained. Forests and coasts were
also recommended
by the presenter, who advocates short trips away as well
as destinations with countryside to explore.

“When we were kids we never went anywhere that actually
cost lots of money, yet we seemed to spend hours of fun on a beach,”
commented Lamb.

“Be a bit more inventive where you take your kids. Look
at doing things that don’t necessarily cost a lot of money,” she added.

European countries, with short travel times from the UK and
lowering property prices, are a good place to pick up affordable holiday homes,
which can then be used for easy family holidays.

The presenter’s comments come in advance of the upcoming A Place in the
Sun Live
show, which gives potential property buyers the chance to learn
about where the best overseas bargains are.

A Place in the Sun Live runs from Friday 30th September to Sunday 2nd October. Amanda Lamb and other faces from the show will be in attendance.

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