Almost 1000 Brits leaving the country every day

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New figures have found that almost 1,000 Brits are leaving
the country every day in search of a better life abroad. Rising unemployment
and the recession have resulted in hundreds of thousands of Brits selling up
and moving abroad to look for job opportunities and a higher standard of

With property in France and Spain remaining the most popular
with British buyers, are you considering moving overseas?

Recession and house prices blamed for mass emigration

According to figures from the Office of National Statistics
reported by the charity Shelter, 986 Britons left the UK every single day
between 2001 and 2011 – and the majority were all in the 25 to 44 age

Commenting on the figures, the charity said: “This means
that working age Brits, who have become the most tightly squeezed and
negatively impacted group in the UK because of the devastating recession, are
voting with their feet and going abroad to find work and build better lives.”

This data shows what we have known for a long time,
namely that Brits are fed up with austerity measure, cuts and the recession and
are heading overseas in search of a better life for themselves and their

France and Spain remain the most popular destinations with
Brits buying overseas property. However, with almost a thousand people leaving
these shores every day, many are going far and wide to find employment

Shelter attributes part of this mass emigration to the UK’s
property market. It argues that an entire generation of working age Britons
have been priced out of the property market and can no longer afford to own a

It is certainly true that the cost of overseas property and
the standard of living is lower in many countries It’s perhaps
not all that surprising that so many people are choosing to up and leave
Britain and start a new life overseas.

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