All new London homes for London residents

  • 10 years ago
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The growing trend in the UK real estate market is that the demand totally outweighs the supply at the moment. As the population of the country is increasing, so does the need for more houses for us all to live in. This is especially true in the nations capital city. London is the biggest city in the United Kingdom and the most expensive to live. This is why the government is planning to build and construct 50,000 new homes across the width of London. The aim is to get these homes built in at least 20 new housing zones.

The housing zones are a new government approach that will enables them to go to a brownfield site and start building the new development. Planning restrictions can be removed much easier than before and this means the government can team up with a developer and increase the speed of construction by a huge amount. This is beneficial for all parties as the development gets completed quicker and the tenants move into the new properties sooner. London needs the new houses as fast as possible so this is also beneficial for the city of London as a whole.

The government is encouraging this process by making loans and funds available for the local authorities so they can get the infrastructure in place for the big build. The loans are also given to the local authoritys for the remedial work on the site which planned for the construction of the project. This is a great boost to London scaffolding and business companies driving big new business into the area. We spoke to RH Scaffolding a London Scaffolding company who said that this was welcome at this time as we are fighting out way out of the recession. This will speed up the process massively and decreases the time for the project to be completed. These new housing zones, set up by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the mayor of London, are also set to create a fair amount of jobs in the areas whilst the construction is completed. This should help the surrounding areas economy and in turn help the area financially.

The end result is that London will have lots of new properties for sale and to rent out to potential tenants. This can only be beneficial to the people of London. The population only shows signs of increasing, not decreasing, so these new properties are important and the government has taken the right steps to tackle the housing problem. The construction project will take time to complete but if done correctly, it could seriously help the residents of London.

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