Algarve Tourism Board Promotes Region

  • 15 years ago
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The Algarve Tourism Board (ERTA) is working hard to increase the quality of visitors’ experiences, according to the new president, Dr. Nuno Aires. In an interview with the Algarve Resident Newspaper, Dr. Nuno Aires stressed the importance of having a destination that visitors want to return to again and again.
“It is vital to invest in training in the tourist sector in order for the Algarve to stand above the rest as a destination that not only has fantastic weather and beaches but also provides a quality service,” said the new president of ERTA.
He noted that the majority of complaints to the tourism board are related to poor service at restaurants and hotels, and that training for workers is key to having a great experience. There have also been complaints about poor signage on the roads, but every year the regional and national governments are improving in this area.
Two areas in which ERTA is focusing on drawing visitors and property investors is in golf, a popular reason for holidays, and the region’s wine industry. Algarve wine has been promoted this year and a number of small and medium size producers are located across the region. A guide on the region’s wine industry was launched earlier in the summer, and an English-language version is expected to be printed soon.
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