Absent fathers, rocky relationships & buying property abroad

A clandestine absent father’s organisation reports that fathers are heading abroad whilst a leading overseas property web site cites rocky relationships as the reason for couples turning their backs on their home overseas.  
Clandestine organisation helping absent fathers moving abroad.
Thousands of men who don’t have access to their children are choosing to start a new life in another country. The Planetary Alliance for Fathers in Exile (PAFE web site disabled) believes men are persecuted and buying a property abroad offers them a way out. Alliance founder Roger Debois, who also goes by the name Jean Kelly, Many men are the victims of “unethical lawyers,” Debois explains we have assisted 250,000 North American men start new lives in Europe.
UK government clamping down on absent fathers
There are over 100,000 British fathers in Europe who have fled GB for they saw no future with CSA and no enforced visitation. See Joint Committee on The Draft Children (Contact) and Adoption Bill. Fathers who fail to pay maintenance for their children will be “named and shamed” on the internet as part of a UK Government drive to make them honour their family responsibilities. Offenders with a record of non-payment could also be fitted with electronic tags, subjected to curfews or have their passports withheld
Owning a property abroad could be the straw that breaks a relationship.
Differing expectations between partners is proving one of the reasons why overseas property owners choose to sell their homes. CTO Mathew Lanham of Homesgofast.com “I am always surprised when we are approached by owners who wish to sell their homes abroad after only a short time of ownership. We find that relationship problems are one of the main causes for individuals who wish to sell their property abroad.
Human element not considered in the plan to buy abroad.
It seems that overseas property buyer’s often research locations examine property investment potential and learn about the practicalities of buying a home abroad. However one element that seems to be ignored is human relationships. It’s easy to find overseas property magazines, books and websites to help with the practicalities of buying a home abroad but you seldom see advice maintaining a good relationship when buying a home abroad.
Overseas property web site offers advice
Nicholas Marr CEO homesgofast.com ‘We all know that pulling in the same direction in any sort of relationship can make life a whole lot easier. Reaching a compromise is better than having one party in the relationship unhappy while the other is all smiles. So why do we ignore relationship factors in the decision process when buying a property abroad. This could be because you may have both agreed it would be a dream come true to own a home abroad, however everyone’s dreams are different and right from the out set each partner may be walking down a different path.
Start asking yourself some honest questions.
Is your partner in love with living abroad as much as you are? Ignoring differences can mean you are set for disaster. Do you love the sun whilst your partner burns just thinking about a hot day? Can you speak the language whilst they cannot speak a word? These all sound very obvious but your partner’s enjoyment may not be as much as yours when owning a home abroad becomes a reality.
Plan for how you both feel
It’s time to start asking some serious questions and compare them with your partners.
What is your main reason for buying a property overseas?
What would your dream home abroad look like?
How much would you spend?
How much would you be prepared to dedicate on monthly expenditure?
What would be your ideal location?
Would you like to live abroad?
Would you like to retire abroad?
How often would you want to come home?
Making assumptions will store trouble for the future.
The list of questions could go on and on but making assumptions about how your partner views their ideal home abroad may result in preventing a serious situation later. It’s time to compromise at the planning stage so sit down and get to a detailed joint view of your home abroad.
Relationships under pressure
Buying any sort of property can be a stressful business resulting in disagreements and a desire to throw the whole project in the bin. Moving abroad and living away from home has its own unique pressures so it’s essential that all agree to the game plan. When one partner has sacrificed more than the other this could stay in the background until rows or disagreements ensue. Living overseas may mean more time being spent with your partner this could be a new form of pressure.
Absent fathers abroad have thier own pressures
Fathers who flee abroad to escape the clutches of the government may experience another sort of pressure, one that the government cannot influence the thoughts about their growing children.

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