A Guide to Moving Offices in Scotland

  • 12 years ago
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Office removals can be a time consuming and revenue sapping process, but unnecessary stress is easily avoided by selecting the right removals company and making a detailed plan.  Here is our guide to preparing and organising the move:

Choose an Experienced Removals Company

There are removal companies in Glasgow, Edinburgh and all major Scottish cities that specialise in office removals. This is important, as you want to ensure that the company are familiar with dissembling and assembling office equipment, laying out furniture according to a plan and getting equipment running as quickly as possible.

Check the companies’ websites for specific information about their experience. The more professional the company, the better; they may cost a little more but this is preferable to losing revenue due to an amateur mistake.

Also check whether their removals team have been security vetted and fully trained, along with the extent of the company’s insurance, which should be fully comprehensive.

Visit Forums and get Recommendations

Once you have identified a few local companies that specialise in office removals, check out online reviews or ask friends and associates who have used the company before about their experience. If a company have let people down in the past, you will usually be able to find negative reviews on the internet.

Gather Your Quotes

You should now be left with around three professional removal companies in your area that specialise in office removals. The next step is to get quotes from each one. Contact the companies and arrange for a move manager to visit your office. They can then calculate a quote based on the amount to be moved, packing materials needed and specific requirements such as IT packing and removal. They should give a detailed outline of how the move will be planned and implemented.

Ensure that the quote includes absolutely everything, from comprehensive insurance and all necessary packing materials to packing, unpacking and assembly of furniture and IT equipment in the new location. The move manager will also give you details of the inventory procedure, the cost of which should be included in the quote.

Choose a Company

It is best to base your choice of company on confidence rather than money. If the difference in quotes is relatively marginal, go with the company who had the most efficient and thorough move manager, and who have the most impressive credentials. If there is a big gap in quote amounts then you may have missed something. Go through the paperwork of the cheaper company and check that absolutely everything is included before committing.

Draw up a Schedule

Your removals company will help you draw up a schedule for the move, which is best timed at the weekend or out of office hours. Inform your staff of the details as soon as you can to ensure that all of their belongings are packed and ready to go.

With all plans made, the move should be efficient and stress free, and you will soon have you business up and running in the new location.

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