A Call To South Africa Real Estate Agents

  • 16 years ago
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The South Africa Institute of Estate Agents (IEASA) is working to increase the professionalism and responsibility of estate agents in the country, calling for all who sell property to belong to the institute. By working with a Member of the Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA), buyers and sellers are assured of a degree of training and qualifications on the part of the agent. Additionally, these members are registered to practice and have all the access to the institute’s support network and services.
IEASA national president Dr. Willie Marais spoke at the recent national conference and said: “The Estate Agency Affairs Board has made it plain that it wishes real estate to be regarded as a profession and not just as an amorphous industry. But that would presuppose that every agent belonged to a professional association – as doctors, lawyers and engineers do. And IEASA is currently the only organization recognized to fulfill that role. Consequently, the time is coming when agents who wish to be recognized as professionals will have to belong to IEASA – and those who don’t will be beyond the pale.”
Currently, only one in six agents working in South Africa are members of the institute. Training is a cornerstone for agents and Dr. Marais noted that it is vital for those who are serious about the industry to become more educated about all aspects of what they do. The IEASA is taking the lead in insuring that its members are informed and up-to-date in terms of laws and practices.
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