A 3 Point Guide To Choosing The Right Removals Company

  • 11 years ago
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Take a look at these pointers and tips to get you organised and hopefully make your own moving process a stress-free procedure. People move home for a variety of reasons – it is the ultimate in a change of scenery. So, enjoy the anticipation of moving to your new home  – don’t get caught out with an unhelpful removals company.


Moving home is stressful enough without worrying about the security and transfer of your possessions from one property to another. Len Lothian U Store is a Scotland based self-storage and removals company which provides a service for those in need of a helping hand. Their friendly and efficient staff can ease the strain of hectic home moving, often considered one of the most stress-inducing occurrences in life. Before shipping off your possessions, make sure you have enough storage boxes and files to neatly organise your belongings. Once you’ve successfully moved everything into your new abode, don’t forget to work on one room at a time!


Your belongings should be transported by employees of a reputable firm with quality standards and procedures. It is important to choose a removals company that provides professional diligence for fragile goods and valuable items. Transportation is made easier with a provision of storage boxes, archive boxes and other essential items like locks, bubble wrap and utility knives. Fortunately, Len Lothian U Store stocks all of these handy things… and more! They also offer deals on domestic storage and business storage over the short-term or over longer periods.


Make use of storage units. This is where Len Lothian U Store really stands out from the crowd. As well as an Edinburgh and Glasgow removals service, they offer great rates for space rental in nearby storage facilities. These are affordable life-savers, when shifting all your possessions in one or two trips is unfeasible, making use of secure storage units can buy you some breathing space. You may even need urgent storage space to cover a delay between moves. Investigate storage locations; they are usually based near main roads – providing easy access for as many people as possible. Hire a removals company that works to your convenience. Len Lothian U Store offers a removals service, secure storage facilities and, now, on top of storage and removals, customers can rent a van to help move personal items in their own time.

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