8 Expert Tips to Efficiently Boost Your House Value


Homeowners try to boost their home value when considering putting it on the market, or simply trying to update the home to increase comfort and style. Here are some of the most common and effective ways experts suggest can boost your house value.

Upgrade Kitchen

For a modest investment, many existing kitchens can be given a new lease of life. An attractive-looking kitchen is essential, as it is the heart of the home, and potential buyers can also be expected to see it as such.

If the doors are hanging off or the worktops are peeling and damaged, then it’s time to take some action.  Easily revamp your kitchen by replacing cupboard doors and handles. A multifunctional kitchen is ideal because most people spend a lot of their time in that space – kids can get homework done, and guests can be entertained as meals are being prepared.

While you don’t have to spend £40,000 to install a bespoke handmade kitchen, it’s possible to fit new Silestone or Slabtech worktops, replace cupboard fronts and install engineered flooring for just £5000.

Provide Curb Appeal

Not every renovation has to be big and expensive. With a few DIY projects, it is possible to cheaply add value to a house. Simple landscaping can take about one week to complete, but is worth it in end with the added curb appeal.

When potential buyers visit, your front yard is what guides that all-important first impression. Therefore, planting flowers and putting a coat of paint on both the inside and outside can go a long way to giving the house a fresh look.

One important point to note, however, is that when painting, it is important to keep potential buyers in mind, as it is more about what they (future buyers) would like, than what catches your fancy. Avoid painting bright and bold colours, no matter how much you love them. Stick to a neutral palette when designing curb appeal, so buyers can easily see the space as one they can customise as they desire.

Detached Garage

Generally, properties that potential buyers find more appealing will sell at higher prices. One of the ways you can drastically increase your resale price when you are ready to sell is to add a detached garage.

Besides other steps you can take to improve your home value, adding a detached garage also increases the style and function of the property. It provides you a more secure and convenient space to park your vehicles, store lawn equipment and keep seasonal items. Your garage can also be fitted with a workshop or any other functional area for more appeal.

Update Flooring

One of the smartest to upgrade your property values is to call in professional floor cleaners. Cleaning up carpets can significantly influence the look and smell in the home, so it can be a necessary price to pay. However, if your floor is way past its use-by date, you should seriously consider replacing it with a new one. Floorboards that are looking old, and showing too much wear and tear can be re-sanded and then lime washed, painted, resealed or professionally stained.

Jazz Up Bathrooms

Another place that might need sprucing up is the bathroom. It is the ideal place to add a touch of luxury and add some extra value. Property market stats show your home’s value can go up by about 5% with a new en-suite or second bathroom.

However, if the structure of the property means adding a bathroom or remodelling one losing a double bedroom because, then you should shelve the idea as that could lower the home’s value.

You can make your home more saleable by simply replacing old taps, adding a new shower screen and sparkling rails for a renewed-looking bathroom. In addition, ensure that at least one bathroom has a shower, as it can be a deal breaker for most buyers. Bathroom flooring should be sparkling clean and hygienic. If the tiles are old and unfashionable, they can be painted with white tile paint.

Go Eco-Friendly

No buyer is going to walk away from an energy efficient upgrade that offers long term savings. This tip is therefore a highly efficient way to boost your asking price. An eco-friendly house is estimated to fetch up to 6% more than a non-green one. Even if you aren’t selling, a lot of the eco-friendly home improvements you can make, including solar panel heating and insulation, will significantly lower your annual energy bills.

Window Treatments

Dirt on the window builds up and affects the quality of natural light that filtering into the house. Take care of the glass, get it sparkling and check latches to ensure they are in the proper working condition. You can call in a glazier to fix or replace cracked panes or frames. You can add to or change the style of a room by putting up a new curtain or blind. Roman blinds made from simple fabrics and colours provide a room with a sleek look.

Fresh Paint

Painting the interior is an inexpensive way to lift the mood of your house. If your finances allow, paint the walls yourself and hire a professional to tackle the ceilings, as these can be straining on the neck.

If you are working by yourself, take care of the painting one room after the other in order to limit disruption. Smaller rooms can be finished in a day, while bigger rooms will naturally take longer to finish painting. Choose a warm, dry day, and move all of the furniture to the middle of the room. Do a first coat in the morning, and a second in the day about a few hours later. Boards, doors, window and door frames can simply be cleaned thoroughly with washing soda.

Home renovations come in different grades, especially when it comes to boosting resale value. It is the homeowner’s choice whether to choose modest renovations, because simple touches can go a long way, or expensive flashy upgrades to achieve a high value home.

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