Anytime someone purchases a home it is important for them to protect their investment by getting home insurance. Home insurance is a broad term given to many different types of coverage rolled up into your one policy. Getting a home insurance policy means that you consider all of your assets related to the home not just the home.

Home insurance can come with different types of coverage. Of course, the dwelling itself can be covered but there are also five other kinds of coverage that can be added to this. You may have other structures on your property which could include sheds and garages; you also need to have special coverage to protect these buildings as well, which should provide an adequate amount to rebuild the dwelling in the case of total destruction.

Contents insurance is also another type of cover homeowner’s should want to take. This will cover the owner’s personal property and the amount of coverage will vary depending upon the value of the home’s contents, reputable providers like can tailor a policy to your individual needs. Homeowners can choose between replacement cost and actual cash value. Replacement cost content insurance will provide funds to replace the item at the current price. Actual cash value, while a cheaper option, will only pay the homeowner how much the item is worth at the time of loss.

Loss of use can also be chosen to be added to home insurance which helps pay for lodging if your home is destroyed or unable to be lived in. Personal liability protection is another kind of coverage many people want in their home insurance policy as this protects the homeowner from claims that could be made from a third party. Along the same lines as this kind of coverage is medical payment coverage which can pay for any medical expenses that must be paid to the injured party.

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