A leading Italian property expert with a quarter of a century’s experience believes that 2103 is a great time to snap up a home in the country. Linda Travella says that many of Italy’s most popular areas are now more affordable than they were five years ago. She has also urged British buyers to consider homes with easy accessibility to the UK, as we see next.

Easy international access and falling prices make Italian property a great choice

Linda Travella of Casa Travella, believes that three of the most popular areas with Italian property buyers – Tuscany, Western Liguria and Lake Como – are now much more affordable than they were in 2008.

She said: “The great advantage of these three areas is, of course, their accessibility. There are flights to and from Nice and Milan from all parts of the UK and these two airports have great international access, which makes them an ideal base to buy a second home in Italy.

“You will be surprised at the type of Italian property you can buy for the money,’ she added.

Ms Travella cites the example of a two bedroom, two bathroom newly restored apartment in a house in Western Liguria. The property, which is just 10 kilometres from the sea and just an hour and a quarter from Nice airport, is available for €135,000 (£115,040).

Nick Marr, director of overseas property specialist HomesGoFast.com, agrees. He said: “There are plenty of flights to airports convenient for second homes in Italy including Nice, Milan and Pisa and so it’s easy to reach your holiday home.

“And, as property prices in Italy have fallen over recent years, it is possible to pick up a one or two bedroom home in a sought after area for as little as €100,000 (£85,220) or €120,000 (£102,260).”

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