When it comes to selling your property fast, a few home improvements can make all the difference. A nip here, a tuck there, and your house can look as good as new – a vital step towards getting the price that you want, especially in an uncertain economic climate when price cuts are often a necessity to closing a deal.

There’s a careful line to watch out for, though: spend too much on doing up your property and any extra you make from the sale will be cancelled out anyway. Installing a swimming pool, for example, would cost far more than you would eventually get back.

But some repairs are essential if you want to maximise your property’s value.

Here are Sell My Property‘s seven home improvements you shouldn’t forget if you want to sell your house:

1.       Paint the front door

This one is staring you in the face, but overlook it at your peril: it’s staring your buyer in the face too. You may not have the time to fix a screen door if it’s sagging, but a lick of paint on a standard front door can make it seem fresh and new – an important first impression once you get to the viewing stage. Just make sure you pick a nice colour.

2.       Empty the gutters

No one looks at the gutters, you might think, but drain water leaking down the walls is never a nice look when you’re hunting for a place to live. Climb up and clear the gutters so water flows freely. If you can, seal any holes you spot with some caulk, just to be on the safe side.

3.       Shut your holes

These days, landlords don’t like tenants to hang up pictures around the property – and with good reason. Nail holes in the wrong place, or in too great a quantity, can be quite off-putting. Use some lightweight putty and fill up any obvious holes, than dab a tiny amount of primer on top to hide them. It’s a quick fix, but it will make your walls far more inviting to its potential new owner, who is probably already planning where to hang up their own pictures.

4.       Get rid of the smoke

The smell of smoke is hard to shift. A fresh lick of paint on the walls or a thorough scrub of tiles and grout may help to remove lingering odours in living rooms and bathrooms (potpourri or incense will only draw attention to what you’re trying to cover up). At the very least, remove any cigarette butts from the garden.

5.       Don’t sit on the fence

Fences are a signal that a property belongs to you; a broken fence will hardly instil confidence in your potential buyer. If you spy a broken fence, particularly in the front garden, repair it.

6.       Repair the wallpaper

Repainting a room can be time consuming, but the most noticeable thing when it comes to walls? The wallpaper. If your wallpaper is torn or starting to peel off, strip it and whip out a fresh layer.

7.       Trim your garden

Messy or untidy houses are easy to solve. The same goes for the garden. Cluttered yards and uneven lawns give the impression that you don’t care about your property. If you want your home to look like it’s been looked after, give the greenery a quick once over with a mower.

And there you have it. Seven easy steps to make sure that your home looks it best for its new owner. They may not thank you in person for your efforts, but they’ll certainly pay you for them.

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